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The need for an antivirus in your computer

Why do you need an antivirus in your computer? Well, you would understand for yourself if you spend enough time on the internet, you are sure to find yourself clicking on a link that is malicious and in no time, you will find yourself in a soup when your cyber experience will be compromised.

You must choose your antivirus judiciously, and Mcafee antivirus is just the product you will need to protect your computer system from viruses, rootkits, worms and other malicious software. Spending on this software is a must if you want a stress free working condition for your computer.

How to buy a Mcafee antivirus offline?

You can either buy a Mcafee antivirus online, or you can go to a retail outlet and buy a retail card which are now sold instead of the CDs which were previously popular. This would save you trouble, and the method will be easier to follow.

The retail card, among other things would carry the important product code, which you will need to use along with your country code, name, e-mail adress. Create a new Mcafee account if you have not already. Go to the home/ home office page and log in after you have created a free account.

What is the online method to buy?

You can also buy the product online by going to the Mcafee website and find the Macafee antivirus under the product section of the home page. Before you proceed to the process of buying the product, you should, at first uninstall all the pre-installed antivirus programs in your computer.

Otherwise, the Mcafee antivirus would itself do away with such programs, so you must do the needful to make the process hassle free. Stop all the ongoing process in the computer to keep the system load low. Following these precautions, hit the buy now button in the product section of the Mcafee website and you will be directed to the form page, where you will have to fill out the required credentials and pay online.

Save the file in your computer at a desired location after downloading. Hit the setup.exe file and accept all the terms and conditions, click next and finish installing the program. You might be e-mailed the activation key. The activation key can be submitted at after which the entire process will be as good as completed. Enjoy a faboulous cyber experience with Mcafee antivirus!

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